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WordPress Simple Login RegistrationEasy to Customize, Developer Friendly Users Plugin

An Easy to Customize, Developer Friendly, Extremely Simple Login and Registration Plugin Developed with Passion for WordPress for account panel, registration, profile edit, login and reset password feature!
WordPress Simple Login Registration



  •  3 Different Beautiful themes
  •  1-Click Social Login and Registration
  •  User group wise page/post security
  •  Custom actions and filters
  •  Single registration per IP
  1. 3 Different Beautiful front-end Login & Registration themes with shortcodes.
  2. 1-Click Social Login and Registration with FacebookTwitter and Google.
  3. Custom actions and filters for adding more features using other plugins.
  4. User group wise page/post security
  5. Display / Create user group wise site navigation with built in pages/posts or external links
  6. Redirect non-admin user to front end private area instead wp-admin area.
  7. Login with email or username.
  8. User role wise author template support. Ex: 1. author-administrator.php
  9. Global profile setting wise author URL modification and routing adjustments like. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  10. Translation Support with .POT, .PO and .MO file
  11. Reset password with email or username.
  12. Admin Configurable RegistrationProfile EditingLoginReset PasswordChange Password page form fields with LabelPlaceholder, Input visibility and required configuration.
  13. Single registration per IP configurable.
  14. Redirecting user to homepage if he/she are visiting admin panel.
  15. Preventing User registration IP Blocking.
  16. Allowing User registration for specific email domain only.
  17. User registration notification to admin and user.
  18. Sidebar Login Widget/Shortcode.
  19. Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins.
  20. Email template modification by admin.
  21. Antispam Question for Registration.
  22. Fully responsive, adjusts beautifully to any screen size.
  23. Custom CSS, to adjusts tiny appearance issue to match your theme.
  24. In admin plugin builtin documentation.
  25. Finally completely nobies user friendly also developer friendly!