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WordPress Testimonial ProA Multi Themed Testimonial Plugin

WordPress Testimonial Pro is a plugin with couple of clean and responsive design. To manage testimonial information it has all information on it's attributes list. It’s admin interface is beautifully easy to use!
WordPress Testimonial Pro



  •  User side testimonial submission
  •  Deny/Accept testimonial
  •  Multiple theme support
  •  10 built in theme / layouts
  •  Custom theme support
  •  Beautifully designed Built-in Widget
  •  Display all testimonials in one page
  •  On Request New Theme

WordPress Testimonial Pro is a Advance Testimonial Management WordPress Plugin. Which is very much easy to configure and use, fast and light weight to display client testimonials and to receive testimonials for your websites users/visitor with the use of some pretty simple shortcodes.

Awesome Features

  • Show all or Id specific testimonial listing
  • User side testimonial submission
  • Deny/Delete/Accept testimonial
  • Admin/User notification on user side testimonial submission
  • Multiple theme support
  • 10 built in theme / layouts
  • Custom theme support from active theme directory (So you can create your own theme)
  • Display all testimonials in one page
  • Beautifully designed Built-in Widget
  • Clean, Modern Design can be used to show testimonial on your WP based website
  • Advanced  Settings for notification email body and other messages
  • Easiest and fastest way to display testimonial on your website
  • Included admin documentation
  • Great online Documentation available
  • Included FlexSlider 
  • Fully Tested for WordPress 3.8.x
  • Auto Generated Shortcode by Widgets for Page/Post use to display testimonial.
  • Testimonial submit form field control via settings, So you can make it hide or rename it with your field
  • Appearance Settings available so you can adjust testimonial design with Background, Color
  • and ofcourse there are some other features or options which is not mentioned here!

Request a New Theme / Feature!

You can request us a design to show testimonial for your site which you want to use and We will make it available on next release for you!